sunshine and smiles, dust and rock drops

wyre1 by rOcKeTdOgUk
wyre1, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

the weather continues to be great, so there was never a better time to visit the wyre.After The Spaniard suggested it earlier in the week it was fingers crossed that the good conditions would last. Dan, The Spaniard, Craig and I absolutely rocked the trails today, there was about 1% mud in the whole forest so every trail was running super fast, even causing two wheel drifts at times on fast dusty corners. where horses had churned up the mud and those ruts had dried and baked hard it was very rough going, I didn’t envy Dan on his hardtail on those sections. There’s a rock drop on one of the trails that I have always avoided riding, it’s about a 10ft almost vertical drop with an over hanging lip. I’ve seen others ride it (even up it in the Puppy’s case!) but it’s always scared me…. until today! The Spaniard and i took one quick look and then dropped in, learnt well back and cleared it without a problem, cue a round of high 5’s! Apart from a near OTB incident jumping a tree stump on “Jedi” we all stayed on the bikes. on “American sandwich” and some lemon crumble at the cafe preceded the round route back to the car via more trails including a usually very muddy trails that is almost always to be avoided, but not today!, this meant today’s right in a break with the norm ended in a descent! the GPS indicated over 5000ft of ascent and my legs were beginning to feel it by the end but what a great day, one to remember
ride 52
16 miles
total 829

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