The two milestones ride

The two milestones ride by rOcKeTdOgUk
The two milestones ride, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

“C” has a 60 mile sportive coming up but she’d never ridden that far, the furthest being 45 miles, so today as training we planned a 45 mile route with option for more if she was feeling good. Because she’s not experienced riding distance it’s hard for her to understand the need to pace your effort so you have some strength left to last the full distance. The only way to learn this is to do it, so today was the day. The weather couldn’t have been better, dry, warm and sunny with light winds. I planned a figure of 8 route in case of mechanicals or injury we wouldn’t be far from the start point and potential rescue. the roads were busy, but with slow moving or stationary cars, it’s amazing how, just because the sun is out on a bank holiday, people get their car out and think “lets drive somewhere popular”, there were over 5 miles of stationary traffic heading into Stratford Upon Avon, the bike was the mode of transport to have today. “C” did really well and even though she had a sore knee towards the end she flew past 50 miles with ease and decided to push on and try to get over 62 miles which would mean the golden 100K. She was still going strong as she passed the 100k mark and She’ll complete the Sportive with ease. so, her first half century and her first 100K, she was brilliant!
ride 53
63 miles
total 892

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