Food fest & BBQ ride

with slightly improved weather and an appointment with hot coals and meat arranged i set off on a circular route to take in Alcester food festival on the way. Using back roads has many advantages, light traffic, great views you can actually appreciate without fear of being mown down by speeding vehicles and generally shelter from and head/cross winds. The disadvantage is that farm roads mean farm vehicles, i got stuck behind the above for about 2.5 miles, not good for average speed but I’d not have it any other way,a few minutes of gentle pedalling later and i was at the food festival. It was a complete nightmare, virtually impossible to wheel a bicycle through the throngs of people milling around, it got to the point that I gave up and walked behind all the stalls just to escape. i resumed the journey via very picturesque Warwickshire countryside, then back into Worcestershire , popping into Blackminster bikes for a nose about, or so I thought, Black minster bike shop About Bikes is gone, closed down, empty, such a shame but a reflection of todays commerce situation. So, disappointed and a little sad I made it to the BBQ where a beer was waiting for me.
ride 56
36 miles
total 956

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