how Gnar is your canal?

how Gnar is your canal? by rOcKeTdOgUk
how Gnar is your canal?, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

It’s been a while since i rode the whole length of the canal down to the river Severn, perhaps over 12 months, but as it had been reasonably dry an attempt was begun. I took the HT with rigid forks, the first 10 miles was a breeze, smooth downhill towpath made for easy going, then once past Hanbury things deteriorated, tall exposed roots, deep holes and wheel trapping ruts all ganged up to make things very uncomfortable, my armchair ride turned into an out of the saddle brace for impact assume the attack position mission for about 5 miles. Not the best for a sore back. gradually things improved until the towpath becomes a Sustrans cycle route and eventually becomes tarmac’d. my original plan was to visit “cafe afloat” a cafe on a narrow boat moored at Diglis basin. However it was shut and a bit of smart phone googling revealed it didn’t open until… week from today! it must close over the winter months. So plan B was a pot of tea and an enormous chocolate brownie at The Diglis Hotel, Fortified i began the return leg, this time on the Droitwich canal which would have been great apart from just before the town the canal was blocked due to works. I walked a footpath then joined the road and followed my nose back to somewhere i recognised. On the way back i had to pit stop for water as it turned out to be a warm day and i only had one bottle and i sat in the sun contemplating a great ride
ride 57
43 miles
total 999

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