the cake within 3 miles ride

the trouble with living near a bakery that has delicious bread and scrummy cakes is that you’ve not really earned the rewards they offer in the short distance between home and the counter. But, this is what cycle shirt pockets are for! Laden with flap jacks and ginger bread people (both ideal for surviving in the jersey pocket) we continued on on a route devised by “C” along quiet country lanes in glorious sunshine with only a very light breeze. Riding in short sleeves and shorts is a brilliant feeling, although we were careful to use sunscreen we still had a pink glow by the end of the ride. We didn’t take extra bottles so had planned a tea stop in Feckenham at the community shop which I can heartily recommend for their friendly service and delicious cakes,massive cornish pasties and tables in the sunshine. feeling rather full we climbed back up to Astwood Bank, through Redditch and into Arrow Valley park which although busy is a great traffic free route to Beoley. Following Icknield Street we arived at weather oak and it’s pub and brewery. I’d been looking forward to a pint for the previous 20 miles. We sat in the garden rehydrating and scoffing ham rolls before then turning for home. Super ride out on a great route which also showed us lots of other potential lanes to explore.
ride 64
43 miles
total 1284
May 507
commute 443

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