the Brr, meh, Phew, Grr ride

some rides you are on it straight away, from the gun, in the zone, legs feeling great, hitting turns perfectly and cresting every climb with barely a wheeze. Sadly today wasn’t one of those, frankly I was feeling below par, not in a coughing an spluttering style but more in a completely unmotivated way. The temperature being in single figures in the morning certainly didn’t help in my quest to find a reason to boot myself out of the door. But I’m a determined sort and I also knew we were expecting guests for tea so i needed to burn some calories but make up for over indulgence later.Having a limited time made the choice of ride easier, a quick blast through the woods on the mountain bike would be ideal. so that’s basically what I did. Now I’ve read and heard all about the “endorphins” you can gain from vigorous exercise but have always viewed them with a sceptical eye but I will admit the further i cycled the better I felt and the temperature got higher, the sky bluer and the wind less. Maybe there is something to it! by the end of the ride I was feeling much more myself, So note to self, cycling is a great “pick you up”….i reckon I knew that anyway 🙂
ride 98
22 miles
total 1350
June 65
commute 463

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