Singlespeed training

Singlespeed training by rOcKeTdOgUk
Singlespeed training, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

depending on your view a single speed mountain bike is pointless or the purest form of off road cycling there is. Many will say that having no gear selections to worry about you can concentrate on the trail and learn how to carry speed, stay off the brakes and ride efficiently, others will question your sanity.
I call a one gear bicycle a scenery bike, because once you accept the fact that all you can do is pedal it, mostly slowly in my case with the occasional walk when things get too steep then you look around a lot more such as taking a breather from your last knee cracking attempt to ride up something with an almost impossible gradient and just standing there soaking up the views.
So, depending on your singlespeeding opinions the fact that I’ve been persuaded to enter a singlespeed race in a few weeks time with either have you shaking your head in disbelief or grinning with the thought of being at one with your machine, all very Zen and possibly a load of tosh.
I tend to stand on the pedals in the second came, I get a perverse pleasure from riding a singlespeed and so this ride was the first on this newly singlespeeded bike, I’ve not ridden with one gear for maybe 12 months so felt I ought to get my legs used to it again. I also indulged in a little trail maintenance with secateurs and trail saw. Not intending to ride this far I just carried on until i felt tired, luckily the weather played ball and the sun actually shone again despite a less than favourable forecast.
the legs certainly got a wake up call after going all soft with gear use!
ride 73
37 miles
total 1469
june 184
commute 609

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