Perfecting the "Cav"

Perfecting the “Cav”, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

riding without holding the handlebars takes practice, it’s not a thing an inexperienced cyclist can just go out and do (some naturally gifted souls excepted) So since she’s riding a lot more “C” has been practicing and practicing. Starting with just hovering over the bars, then with growing confidence leaning back and taking her hands further away. This is the confidence bit, the actual skill part is steering the bike just by moving your body whilst sat on the saddle, correcting the bikes movement and direction by leaning one way or the other. Ita also important to look ahead, looking down at the bars will get them wobbling in no time at all, so look ahead, steer with your hips whilst pedalling, simple!
“C” has got the hang of it now and will get better and better, seeing her joy at doing it is awesome. Now she has the basics she is refining the skills and today she was practicing the finishing line pose, AKA “The Cav” in tribute to Mark Cavendish, the Manx missile and arguably the fastest sprinter in the world. So arms aloft down a quiet stretch of road she went! By the end of the ride she was even grabbing items from the jersey pockets on the back of her jersey, including opening and closing the zip, all with no hands on the bars!
ride 78
22 miles
total 1586
june 301
commute 644

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