an evening jaunt

an evening jaunt by rOcKeTdOgUk
an evening jaunt, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

Dan and I were the only two riders tonight and we started in the direction of the Lickeys, crossed the Waseleys with a plan of dropping to the flat lands to try a newly refurbed pub on the canal but after leaving Waseley country park entrance i suggested a bit of a jaunt over to Clent. It was warm and we were blessed with having non of the heavy storm rain showers that had been frequent all day. We climbed up to Nimmings wood and stopped at the view point as the sky was very clear and you could clearly see The Black mountains, Malvern and right over into Wales and shropshire, really stunning! then we traversed the hill and dropped down the descent to The Vine pub. it was very dark in the woods and lights were fired up for the first time. the ground was damp in places and loose and dry in others making a few of the drops and corners an exhilarating experience/scary as hell depending on your point of view. After a pint of very good Adnam’s Southwold ale we began the ride home via various lanes and quiet roads. We did indulge in some home made Banana and pecan loaf on the way too 🙂
There’s something not quite right about night rides in the summer. Yes it’s warm and humid and yes it’s not properly dark until 2130-ish so lights aren’t needed until much later but it feels a bit like cheating somehow when you are not layered up in kit, embarrassed to go into the pub because you are plastered in mud and there’s an apocalyptic amount of insects attracted to your light but there is the bonus of not having to watch out for icy corners when you leave the pub.
So summer (dark) night rides, great fun, a bit weird but not to be missed!
ride 95
24 miles
total 1975
july 356
commute 874

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