it’s a breeze

it's a breeze by rOcKeTdOgUk
it’s a breeze, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

riding down the canal for a change (all my canal rides see to be biased in an upward direction) I’m wondering where to go really, a bit lost for motivation, I need a goal, a destination, a reason to be here and get there. then, a cartoon like moment of a light bulb appears over my head (does that still work with energy efficient light bulbs?) @charlotteTCR is on a British Cycling Breeze ride today in Worcester, so that’s it, i will ride the remaining length of the Birmingham Worcester canal and meet her and get a lift back. Hmm, i fire off a txt hoping she reads it before returning and our paths don’t meet and push the pedals towards the capital of the county.
The canal towpath is very rough in places and actually not as boring as it sounds, plenty of exposed roots and narrowness with a few deep holes which always seem to throw you towards the water. Luckily even though there has been a few storms lately the going is still relatively dry with a few sticky patches. I did come across this though which was a bit of an obstacle for me but a hell of lot more trouble for the boaters!.
i was early to worcester and the Ladies on the Breeze ride were still out so i sat sunning myself riverside.the longer i waited the more nervous i got that i might miss my lift back but eventually the txt came and i met the girls at the pumphouse eco cafe just in time to see them scoffing possiblt the biggest individual victoria sponge and carrot cake i think i’ve ever seen!
Breeze rides are for women only, just social rides at friendly pace around quiet roads to encourage more ladies to ride, the one in Worcester seems to be a great success
ride 94
24 miles
total 1951
july 332
commute 874

details of Breeze rides can be found here Breeze, bike rides for women

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