the test

canal by rOcKeTdOgUk
canal, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

on only her 3rd off road ride this year @charlotteTCR wanted something to test her road riding gained fitness off road. At present she isn’t skilled in the really technical riding that comes with mountain biking so we caught the train to the capital of the NWorcs region, namely Worcester City.We took advantage of the canal system to loop back home, so enough distance, approx 85% off road but a more gentle terrain was the order of the day. We were lucky with the weather too,over night there we violent thunder storms and torrential rain but today was warm and sunny. The tow path was a lot less wet and muddy than i feared it might be so we were able to make good progress, even after getting to the Pumphouse cafe a little early and having to wait a little while for them to open so we could have our coffee fix. We also benefitted with a tail wind most of the way back to Droitwich. then came the climb up to Tardebigge which although not too steep is pretty relentless over about 10 miles @charlotteTCR just shrugged it off and was fresh and full of energy at the top. So road fitness has transferred admirably, she just needs more practice at the rougher stuff
ride 98
25 miles
total 2026
august 51
commute 874

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