the "is that a dead end?" ride

Ian, Ben and I took a trip to Droitwich in the late evening after work, nothing technical as Ian’s knee is playing up and Ben has been doing a different type of riding lately (new Girlfriend!) and is a bit saddle rusty. and as you do we passed an alley on the way out of town and Ian said ” is that a dead end?” and in a way he was correct as up some steps and along some very nice singletrack we came to the dead centre of Droitwich, in fact the church yard of St Augustine’s Church the oldest in the town as it was built in 1180AD. showing due respect we pedalled through and out the other side, again on singletrack and home the long way
this was the 100th ride of this year, a little bit later to this milestone than last year but i’m a little bit ahead in mileage so i’m not worried about it
ride 100
25 miles
total 2058
august 83
commute 874

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