1st ride back

1st ride back by rOcKeTdOgUk
1st ride back, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

after my crash at the forest of Dean last week i suffered oozing scabs, deep yellow and green bruising and feeling a bit wobbly from the concussion i received. I managed 7 days before getting back on a bike, more from the pulled muscle in my back than from visible injuries. It was horrible not riding for that long and a relief to get back on the saddle even if if was with some trepidation. So with my sensible head on (and a borrowed helmet, as mine was smashed!) I took a short ride to test how things were, so a couple of miles, coffee and them 2 miles back. conclusion? legs felt ok, i was able to clip in and out of the pedals, there was a slight back twinge when sanding up to pedal but otherwise i was pleased with my progress. so short ride big step on the road to recovery
ride 103
4 miles
total 2108
august 137
commute 891

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