Sunday ride 1: Lemon tart

jump2 by rOcKeTdOgUk
jump2, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

I managed to entice @charlotteTCR out on a mountain bike for the first time in ages. She’s almost exclusively been road riding this year, gaining he @breezenetwork leader status and riding with the Worcester Women on Wheels group so has all the fitness she needs but is lacking a bit of technique for off road riding.
Off road cycling, dare I say it involves a little more fitness than road riding especially when it comes to wet, rooty and muddy climbs. You can just get out of the saddle and charge at it as you would on the road. So I tried a bit of coaching on the first small climb of the day which involved a small ride over some off camber quite prominent roots. Teaching you OH to do anything isn’t the easiest of things but I have to say Charlotte took on board what I was saying (even if I might not have been the best teacher) and after a couple of attempts cleared the obstacle with ease
The ride followed the canal over Wast hill and circled back to Weather Oak including the descent back to the coach and horses (38mph according to the bike computer!) and then as a treat we stopped at café Morso for coffee and probably the best Lemon tart I’ve had for a while, “tart” being the operative word!
I did suggest a ride through the Lickeys but didn’t want to force the issue and put Charlotte off MTB for another 6 months. Hopefully I haven’t scared her off with my coaching and she’ll do more soon
ride 138
14 miles
total 2833
commute 1268

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