Off Piste Cannock

Off Piste Cannock by rOcKeTdOgUk
Off Piste Cannock, a photo by rOcKeTdOgUk on Flickr.

It’s good to ride in different places on other peoples regular trails away from way marked trails but the trouble with this is that you can ride around an area all day and be just feet away from the best trails and ride right past. Luckily for Dan, Ben, Craig and I we were invited by Nick to taste some of the trails he regularly rides. Avoiding the areas that would be really muddy to make the ride more pleasant and to lesson the damage that a large group of riders can do we enjoyed some narrow sinewy single track, banged handle bars on the trees and tried to stay upright on the greasy, wet surface. I didn’t quite manage this and as the front wheel slipped sideways on a steep technical descent i exited stage left managing to hurdle the handle bars and land on my feet! Cannock also has an open moorland area which we rode next, circling the glacial bolder for luck. Luck must have bee on our side as we soon found ourselves at the mid ride cafe and were able to refuel on tea and cake. More single track followed before we ended the ride on the last descent of the way marked trail.
It was a really fun, even though the group was large there were no egos and everyone chatted and there was a bit of banter. Cannock might not have the steepness of our home trails but it is a much bigger area that has loads of diversity, this was a proper old fashioned cross country ride.
Thanks to Nick for the invite and for showing us around, a top day!
ride 140
22 miles
total 2877
commute 1319

One thought on “Off Piste Cannock”

  1. It's a real shame that my bike only managed the first mile! A cross country ride with cake sounds right up my street.You got some smashing pics from this ride!


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