its all gone a bit Belgian

I ride for VeloCake and our cyclocross obsessed leader loves all things Belgian so he came up with the idea of a limited run of Belgian inspired jerseys. This was my first outing in the new colours.
The jersey was the usual Endura quality and fitted well with 3 layers underneath, it may be a bit big in the summer! It certainly stands out which is the point I guess. I hope it inspires me to do well in up coming races.
Todays ride was post Super bowl so I was a little tired, it certainly wasn’t going to be an average speed time trial, more of a pootle round to get the blood flowing and to pose a bit. I often wonder what people think when they come across me with a camera I the woods especially as most of the time I ride solo relying on the camera’s built in timer and trial and error, I must look a bit odd. I did intend to beat a Strava segment on one of the downhills but this was scuppered by a walker already using the path so I detoured and found a cheeky little route that will come in handy in the future, this is what just ambling around is all about, trial and error, most times the trails come to nothing but once in a while you find a new gem or one you have forgotten all about, this is such a trail. I’ll be searching for more and trying to rediscover “old friends” in the coming rides
ride 14
15 miles
total 269
commute 102

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