two days in one ride with some tree surgery on the side

As i left the house to head for Dan’s I knew it was cold, I could see the car windsceens were frozen but as i started the climb I was a little shocked to see the lan completely white over, as white as snow but it definately was frost as i found when I stood up to beat the gradient, bsck wheel lost traction and i soon sat back down. Climbing sat down so caused my un warmed up thogh muscles to burn and it was a relief to reach the summit. Relief was short lived though as the descent was hazardous, water run off from the fields crossed the road and had frozen, i’ve never done that descent so slowly! It felt good to get to the bottom unscathed.
we took the canal towards Tardebigge and spent about 20 minutes clearing the trail of fallen trees which blocked it. Luckily the trees were rotten so with a bit of grunt we broke them up and moved them to the side. Apart from this and the bog like Harris brush woods it wasn’t too muddy and we rewarded ourselves with a flap jack in Sanders Park before a bit of a slog back up the the summit of the Lickeys. by now it had turned into a completely different day, the frost and sub zero temperature had gone and it was dry and sunny with a lovely blue sky and no wind! Dan was suffering from a heavy cold and I felt a bit rubber legged so we headed for home via a surprisingly less water logged than last week Elephant alley
ride 18
22 miles
total 347

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