1st longer daylight ride of the year

This morning in the UK we turned our clocks forward 1 hour and metaphorically jumped forward into summer. This is a great moment in the year as it heralds lighter nights and means more play time after work. Although this was a Sunday so work wasn’t an issue, however it was Mothers day, so like good little boys both Dan and I had commitments to the Matriarchs of our families so it wasn’t until 1600 that we got out to ride. But the extra hour meant we had at least three hours of playtime!
Riding through the woods hoping it wasn’t going to be too busy we soon realised it was still going to be a muddy ride despite the “summer” feeling or the ride and yes, it was busy so we decided to do the Waseley lite route via the bridleway over the hill, a play in the woods, then back up Bono the wrong way to tackle the new downhill, muddy climb, aborted attempt at Strava descent (too many walkers) before resevoir way and canal to the pub for a celebratory here comes summer pint!
great start to British Summer time
 ride 38
15 miles
total 636
commute 273

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