the smell of burning rubber

I’ve been to Drag races a couple of times, there’s nothing like the sound of the immensely powerful engines over powering your hearing, the cloud of rubber filled smoke that envelopes the crowd as the cars “burn out” before they do their run against the clock.
That experience was what came to mind on todays ride, that distinctive smell of hot rubber and a weird screeching sound like slick tyres scrubbing on tarmac, must be my emense pedal stroke pushing power into the ground…
At the weekend I put together a Single speed bike ready to train for the UK single speed champs, it all went together remarkably well, bottom bracket, cranks, bars, stem, forks, wheels and the single gear. Yes everything went smoothly and tonight was the inaugural ride. I tried riding no handed, pedalled some hills, some road, some off road and well….. what was that sound?, and can i smell rubber? hang on, why is the bike pulling to the right when i take my hands of the bars?
it only took me 6 miles to realise that the rear wheel wasn’t in the drop outs properly. it only got to nearly half distance on the ride for me to notice that the tyre was rubbing on the inside of the left chainstay. No wonder it didn’t steer in a straight line!
A quick fiddle with the adjustable dropouts and all was well, the rear wheel tracking correctly and in properly, now silent and without any rubber smell the rest of the ride was without incident
so, my power is that of a normal 40 something lacking in talent and fitness, but for a brief moment i was that Top Fuel dragster breaking records on the 1/4 mile.
ride 39
14 miles
total 650
commute 273

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