I wanted to get a longer ride in today as I wasn’t sure if i could ride tomorrow. So i set off towards Worcester on the singlespeed bike via the canal system. It was quite muddy in places, a semi slick rear tyre didn’t help grip and the lower part of the towpath near Hanbury is quite neglected and technical because of large holes, off camber roots and deep mud pits. It also didn’t help as i suffered a puncture on this section. Tube replaced I joined the Droitwich canal which is now happily fully open, there was a dangerous bridge at one point and the towpath was diverted through a farm and along some lanes to avoid it but it’s now open and easily navigable. A bit of tarmac and a nation cycle path later i was near Worcester race course. I pedalled over the cycle bridge to the opposite bank of the river Severn to have a look at the houses built on stilts to avoid the flooding that occurs ( and did not a month ago). Crossing back I found an American football game, the home team being Worcester Royals Uni AFC before hitting the Pumb house Eco cafe for some lemon drizzle and a cuppa!
ride 42
22 miles
total 694
commute 290

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