mental block

I’ve ridden this climb before. I’ve had any thoughts of being reasonably fit destroyed on it. I’ve been passed three times by the same rider (twice up and once down, Hello Isla Rowntree) and almost gave up cycling there and then. So you can see why I usually avoid it or take a route the opposite way and descend it instead.
But today I thought sod it, I’ve not been up it for at least a couple of years, now is the time to see if I humiliate myself as usual.
The thing about this sort of mental block is that when you actually confront the obstacle it’s never as bad as you remember, I’m expecting a long drawn out climb with numerous steep ramps that seem never ending where I’ll wheeze and huff and puff my way up wishing for another gear to drop down into. Not today, i was a little shocked to find myself on the more open twisty section in next to no time and i arrived with three sprockets to spare. Job done, metal block dissolved. Now all i have to do is improve my time on the next attempt!
ride 44
22 miles
total 730

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