Oil seed rape scene

country lanes in the early evening are the best, maybe there’s no chorus of bird song heralding a new day as you would get in the early morning and there’s also no peak temperature of a lunch time jaunt but after 5 pm on a lovely sunny dry day the roads are a dry and as quick as they are going to get, flowers are in full bloom, bees are busy collecting nectar and the slowly setting sun sets the sky and clouds alight. They say a picture paints a thousand words but this picture just doesn’t do the moment justice as there is no way to convey the intense sweet smell of a full field of oil seed rape in full bloom. In fact it was rather overwhelming  and it didn’t hang around as insects other than the lovely bees had started to notice my presence and given my luck on the last few rides i didn’t want to share any more blood
ride 45
15 miles
total 745

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