Scotland 2014 ride 2

Tuesday dawned bright and blue skied & after a massive breakfast the crew hit the trails hoping for more of yesterday’s fun. We had the whole day with no pressure of having to do anything else but ride and ride we did, mostly the same route as yesterday plus the rest of the red trail and selected best parts of the blue, multiple runs down “berm baby berm” trying to beat the no pedal record that we’d spotted in the trail centre shop. This was a bit of an eye opener actually as when you can’t pedal and have to “pump” the trail & stay off the brakes to carry speed through the corners you actually seem to go quicker!, thoroughly knackering but brilliant! Today i also left the ground over the jumps & there is photographic evidence! We may not have done a long distance ride but we packed a lot of trail in today, riding our favourite sections over and over with a lunch stop in between before heading back out for more trails. we have been so lucky, every local we spoke to said that this was the 1st week where the weather had been settled and dry.Add the light winds and it couldn’t have been better. Tired but happy our thoughts turned to chippy tea!
ride 49
19 miles
total 816

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