The Cheese Run Scotland ride 3

I’d never suggest mixing alcohol with riding but when it’s safe and consensual between adults I’ll allow it.
Craig doesn’t like whisky much but felt the need to keep some in his house, combine this with the fact we were in Scotland, spiritual home of the grain made liquor and well, when he said to the whisky shop owner “i know nothing about whisky” you could see his mind gently rubbing his hands together. A tasting session ensued (insert international symbol of a “taster” here) where we tried 6 different bottles ranging from sweet through smokey to earthy peat, not one tasted bad to me! This tasting thing is a great way to part a person from their cash, once you are semi pissed you’ll pay £45 for a bottle!
Fish suppers, fried pizza and battered haggis purchased we were back at the B&B sharing the new bottle with the guest house owner and indulging in local beers. in the post grease and alcohol haze Dan said “there’s only one thing missing from this…..cheese!” So as Paul was heard to say “that’s the fastest I’ve seen them move” Dan and i grabbed bikes and rode the mile into Peebles to raid the super market for cheese. I waited outside to guard the bikes and chatted to a teenage BMXer, he was a bit terrified by a wobbly, whisky smelling Brummie and soon made his escape. The ride back was just as wobbly but entirely safe…I’m sure…although details are a bit misty. By the time we got back the B&B owner had fetched his own favourite whisky and wasn’t shy about sharing it out. He must have been a little light headed too as he agreed to drive the bus up to the start of the trails the next day so we could enjoy the downhills one more time before returning home
So, don’t drink and ride, but if you do make sure you get some cheese and a chauffeur!
ride 50
2 miles
total 818

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