feeling Wyred

got an invite to ride the wyre with Ian and @tomjeffs. Conditions were much improved over the last vist, where although it was dy, the gloopy bits were really bad and almost impassable, this time the dry bits were dry and the gloopy bits had hardened enough that you could ride over the damage left by the churning effect of horses hooves. However, on the subject of horses and trails, today they were the best thing that could have happened. There was some sort of meet there, lots of horse riders with bunny ears (it was Easter Saturday after all) so, as we were keeping to the trails where bikes are allowed we encountered quite a few, in an effort to not spook them or get stuck behind slow moving horses we chose trails that we don’t usually take, What a revelation, we found some sweet long singletrack with log rides, streams, drops and that narrow sweet 18″ wide dusty trail that makes it all worth while.
Ride 53
15 miles
Total 901

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