I made it through the rain

when the weather is against you, it’s very windy say or constantly drizzling with rain, a rain that sounds innocent when you call it drizzly but is whipped by that wind into something much more unpleasant it’s difficult to make the effort to get up off the sofa and go pedal a bike in it. Really though, the only dilemma is what to wear. It’s not winter any more, it’s now spring and in the teens degrees wise so that lovely breathable jacket that was your life saver in the sub zero conditions is now a bag that you could easily cook rice in despite its air transpiration properties. So you get wet or you over heat, i chose the former and as is usually the case once you have made the effort to get out it’s a lot less miserable than you expected. Todays ride just stuck to the woods via a Hub delivery to Dan’s and taking a different route to the norm, doing climbs I usually ride down and vice versa for descents, as they say, a refreshing change.
Sorry about the rain on the lens in the picture but it was one of those sort of rides
Ride 67
14 miles
Total 1265
commute 343.

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