Matt rides again

I’ve not ridden with Matt for ages, he’s been doing grandfather duties and rightly so, riding takes a back seat when it comes to your family but I sent him a txt and he felt ready to come out and play. It was a lovely evening with warm sunshine and drying trails, the perfect conditions for you first ride back for ages. Matt was a bit concerned that there might be a big group of riders and that he might not keep pace but I assured him it was going to be just the two of us. We kept close to home to try and keep the altitude constant but didn’t skimp on any trails, Matt did the new trails and said if you had been dropped there without knowing where you were you’d think it was a welsh tails and he was right! Matt did brilliantly for someone who hasn’t really ridden since this time last year but a puncture about half a mile from home did take the polish off, At least we only had to go downhill. I think the tyres had perished from lack of use! Matt just needs to motivate himself to ride, starting small and getting buigger and we’ll soon have him up to speed and back in the bosom of the NWAlps
Ride 69
17 miles
Total 1308
commute 377

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