it’s not all buff trails and beautiful vistas

In many of the pictures I take for this blog I try to showcase the best of where we ride, lush forests, fields with great viewpoints or a technical section of trail. However there’s no getting away from the fact that although we ride very close to open countryside we do live in an urban area close to the massive conurbation that is Birmingham. there are no long downhills, no world cup standard climbs or BMX style sets of jumps built into the trails. We have to link these little gems with riding through brick and concrete jungles. Rather than just using these areas as a way to get to the next bit of dirt we fully embrace whatever we can. Canals, steps and short cuts around the back of the shops are all pieced together to make things more interesting.Today caught in a really heavy shower, there was only one thing to do, shelter. sometimes urban has it’s avantages
Ride 72
13 miles
Total 1359
commute 377

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