Not your average British Bank holiday Monday

 it was bank holiday Monday. It seems the traditional thing to do if there is even a sniff or a rain free day is to get up late, pack up the car and head to somewhere everyone else will be heading for and then sit stationary in traffic for a few hours before finally getting to your destination to pay hiked up entrance prices (it’ll be cheaper tomorrow) to queue to see an “attraction” or touch elbows on a beach or easily walk able hill top with the same people you saw in the traffic earlier.
I couldn’t think of anything worse than that so @charlotteTCR and i took the bikes on a bank holiday ride using mainly little lanes that see little or no traffic to Stourport on Severn and Blossoms tea room for lunch and then on to Bewdley for some cake by the river, a trip to Overspoke bikes being an extra bonus. we also found route 45 on the cycle network which was very interesting going under the Severn valley railway route and almost “off road” in places. There was a short section of busy road on the way back and it was a relief to get back to quiet lanes again.
Ride 77
43 miles
Total 1433
commute 377

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