A few days off work coincided with great weather and i thought i’d dare to wear lycra in the style of the M.A.M.I.L. and head over to Clent via the Lickeys and waseley. It was very hot and I’m really not used to it so it wasn’t my fastest ride ever, we don’t get enough consistantly warm days to acclimatise but i did set my best time up the cookoo corner climb and kept on it over and down st kenelms pass to try and get a new segment on strava, so far no one seems to have recorded it so I’m king of the mountain even if it’s only me in the running!
Bizarrely i took a wrong turning at one point and had to do the climb i like least of all on this route twice, although i did do a personal best up it, probably from anger!
Ride 85
23 miles
Total 1592
commute 394

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