not quite so flat

After Ant commented on the last road ride and took exception to my description of it being “flast-ish” i suggested that i sort out a route for us in Worcestershire. Unofficially titled The Tour de Gradient it was a quite lumpy route with short sharp climbs and one medium length, non extremely steep, we don’t have those locally but as the worst of the climbs were placed near the end of the route it should prove a reasonable challenge. the day was perfect weather wise, sunny & with little breeze and we made good time. It was strange to dbe on such a windy route, not something i normally ride which perhaps i should as it used all the local climbs  be heading via Timberhonger to cutnall green. we then turned towards Clent and the long climb through Drayton, Belbroughton and eventually St Kenelms pass for a snack at Nimming Cafe. then, even though we were only 6 miles from home if it was a normal route we took a longer versions with as many climbs as i could pack in. the guys also opted for a much hillier end when I gave them a choice. Ant did have to stop on the final ascent, not because he was tired but because he was propositioned by an old lady in trouble! In fact she thrust a glass jar into his hand and asked hime to unscrew the lid! not something that happens much on the Tour de France! It was a fun ride, a bit lumpier than the last and I think Ant appreciated why my average speed is quite low after it.
Ride 97
43 miles
Total 1907
commute 506

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