Ups, downs, empty barrels and abuse

Dan and I took the hardtails to Clent today, it was after work and lights were fitted and we took a direct route as I wanted to get the early enough to seek out a trail i thought i’d spotted last time I was there. In the event we followed some other guys down it (two on electric powered MTBs ) and it was as i remembered, quite straight, a few drops but the difficult part was the low sun shining through the trees making spotting a good line to ride very difficult. On coming horses didn’t help either. as we came off the hill a beer was suggested and our first stop turned out to be a real disappointment as all the ale was off, only lager available! so obviously we moved on, got the deer farm climb and descent done and stopped at the Holly bush for 2 pints of Hobson’s twisted spire before heading back. Dan got verbally abused by some teens in the park, but what did he expect wearing bright pink gloves! 🙂
Ride 98
25 miles
Total 1932
commute 506

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