Fox Tech T shirt

Usually when i ride i wear a jersey, most of them are based on a road bike design with three pockets at the back with a fitted cut. The three pockets come in handy as I never ride with a back pack if i can help it. But I spotted this Fox “tech” T shirt in a sale and thought I’d give it a try. It’ll work fine as on the Single Speed i’m using the Jandd frame bag so anything i need to carry will be swallowed up by that and I won’t need any pockets.
The T shirt feels great to the touch with a slight synthetic feel rather than cotton but this isn’t a criticism as it feels soft and there’ no static cling. It’s supposed to be breathable so on a very hot evening i wore it without a base layer and hit the trails.
Simply put, it was great and as described, it felt cool and wasn’t too flappy and didn’t get wet and sweaty the whole 17 mile ride and I was working hard pedalling the one speed bike. for £17 you couldn’t really ask for more. It also has some antibacterial properties which means it didn’t stink the next day like a cotton T shirt would. I’m impressed
Ride 113
17 miles
Total 2246
commute 523

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