As reported in my last post I fell in the wyre forest, it was a slow off the side fall. I fell and rolled away from the bike, the bike then fell on me and the end of the handle bar hit my knee. It was a little painful but nothing to worry I thought. it wasn’t until after we got home and i got out of the car after sitting in the same position for a while thati found i was limping and that my left knee was very painful. today it is swollen, function is good so I;m certain it’s just bruising of the muscle above the knee. i was sensible and didn’t ride the next day and didn’t ride to work today. I did ride as a tester after work and although sat down and spinning an easy gear was fine as soon as i stood up to pedal it was painful, so i just did as small loop. more recovery needed
Ride 128
7 miles
Total 2559commute 574

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