Winter drawers on

with the weather getting a bit wet and grotty my thoughts turned to winter and the bike I’d use through the darker months. So having rested her since march I got the old girl out of hibernation and did a quick check over. I had used the original saddle on another bike so used an old favourite Flite one. After the check over and adjusting the height of the bars to match my road bike it was time for a short ride to see how it was riding. I climbed over lickey, Waseley and Clent then joined the Timberhonger route. I used to use the Flite saddle on all my bikes back in the 90’s and only the high price and a subtle design change made me try something else as they were very very comfy over even long distances. However after 10 miles I thought I was being cut in half! it was so uncomfortable. Obviously my backside is used to a different saddle now (charge spoon) and even though they look similar they are worlds apart in comfort. First thing to change is the saddle!
ride 126
25 miles
Total 2540
commute 574

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