always look before wiping your brow

I started a longish ride along the grand union to warwick and after a few miles i went to remove perspiration from my forehead with my hand and at the last second noticed something unusual out of the corner of my eye and managed to stop at the last second. and you can see from the picture what the foreign object was, I nearly wiped that across my face! I have no idea when it found it’s way on to my glove or how long it had been there but it made me jump! It was clinging on quite tenaciously but i managed to get it off and onto some greenery. Hopefully it’s now on it’s way to being a moth.
the rest of the ride was pleasant and fast along a very dry towpath. I had cake at Hatton and visited Atkins cycles in leamington before heading back
Ride 134
31 miles
Total 2748
commute 613

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