bicycle courier

I needed to deliver 5 large ceramic dishes to my folks, what better way to do it than by bicycle! After riding the 19 miles on my work commute i picked up the Timbuk2 courier bag, wrapped the dished in protective cloth and headed over the Lickeys to my mom and dads house. I even managed some off road on the road bike taking a short cut down “the tank slapper” which was a little scary on 100psi 25mm tyres on damp polished stones. It had been drizzling all day and of course got heavier as i left work but it was warm so i didn’t bother with a coat.
My little courier experience taught me that i wouldn’t fancy the job full time. Carrying an awkward heavy load in all weathers can’t be fun after a while and having a time deadline to meet too wouldn’t make things any better, so I won’t be applying for a job!
Ride 135
11 miles
Total 2759
commute 631

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