the fix ride

Commuting to work on Monday the annoying click that had plagued me for ages continued, I’d checked pedals, chain, chainrings, headset, stem, handlebars and bottom bracket and nothing seemed wrong or needed lubing adding to the frustration.
As i wheeled my bike into work i noticed the rear wheel had a pronounced wobble and on further inspection noticed on of the spokes had sheared off at the nipple. It had broken rather than becoming unscrewed so was unfixable without replacement, not something i could do at work. The only thing i could do was tape the spoke to another to stop it flapping around and at the end of the day ride very carefully home hoping the wobble didn’t get worse, more to stop further damage than danger to myself as it was unlikely to collapse but could get increasingly harder to re-true back to shape .
when home I had to strip the cassette off, remove the old spoke, replace it with another and spend a good 30 minutes truing and tensioning the wheel back into shape. I then refitted the cassette and put the wheel back on the bike, only one thing to do now and thats to test it before relying on it to get me to work.
The repair was fine, now dramas, no pinging and no rear wheel steering  any more! i even did a bit of “gravel grinding” and came out unscathed
Ride 139
20 miles
Total 2848
commute 686

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