when bad weather is good

sometimes, despite the damage and cost to property bad weather can be good. Take high winds for instance. it blows down trees, usually trees that have begun to deteriorate  and die and become vulnerable to gales. these trees sometime fall and block established trails but sometimes they create others, opening what were impassible routes that were blocked by foliage and branches. todays ride took me on one of these. I hadn’t visited this trail for a while, ironically because of a large tree that blew down last year and made for an awkward exit. Now another has fallen but this time exposed a new trail close to a fence i didn’t even know was there, it even comes with ancient graffiti that has been hidden away for years and makes the old trai’ much more interesting and has added a new s bend section around the old tree that is slow and technical and keeps you on your toes. so for once the bad weather has had a silver lining
Ride 144
8 miles
Total 2931
commute 722

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