why walking is wrong

The trails are stunningly dry and I took advantage of an early work finish to hit the trails. It almost seems like spring with the floor littered with leaves but instead of the damp slippery mulch you get usually at this time of year its the crispy crunch that  is heard underneath the tyres.
The steep chute I discovered last autumn was due a visit and despite some fallen trees it was still accessible. The exit though is very steep and I hopped off the bike to walk up the slope. Which is when my theory that walking is much more dangerous was proved as i stood on a hidden log, my foot slipped from under me and i felt a searing pain in my lower back, probably a pulled muscle. If it’s been riding I’d have been fine. Humans eally aren’t designed for walking 😉
 Ride 141
16 miles
Total 2883
commute 722

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