Open all hours? not at Lord Morton Tea Rooms Cutnall Green

a sunday free and a lone ride so i thought I’d do a bit of a tour and stop for lunch at the cafe in Cutnall Green, So a bit of road work with as much off road as i could fit in with the idea of getting to the cafe for lunch time, perfect. Or so you’d think.
The off road sections had deteriorated a little due to the wet weather but everything was passable, even the above trail that gets more than it’s fair share of abuse by our hoofed friends. A challenging track at the best of times with it’s hidden roots but now just about to succumb to the churned up nightmare of winter it was actually fun to pick lines around the trampled bits, the going as they say was good to soft.
So as usual when having fun, time passes quickly and i didn’t get to the cafe until 12:30 but then what self respecting eating establishment would be shut at probably it’s peak time when most peoples mind/stomach turns to food, well this one does. All in darkness and with the outside chairs stacked up it looked closed and very unwelcoming. i checked the internet to try and find details, maybe this was a one off, but no, they close every Sunday at 12 noon. they must be making a lot of money in the week to be able to ignore the potential takings from a Sunday lunch time.
So, disappointed and a little hungry I carried on, it probably did my waistline good and definitely benefited my wallet but I’ll think twice before visiting that cafe again…it’d probably be closed anyway
Ride 145
26 miles
Total 2957
commute 722

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