old school Sunday

Over the last few weeks we’ve been riding Nu school, all Free ride, trail centre, Enduro style, getting our Rampage and crankworx emulators on. Well, in our minds some of us have, mostly I’ve been envisioning it the night before, mentally getting huge air with countless style points* and always landing safely with seemingly no effort at all and mostly reality has been quite different. No air, little style and a audible “thank you” when, if the wheels do ever leave terra firma i land and stay upright.
 Today was old school, we just went for a ride up the woods, taking advantage of the still fairly dry and puddle free conditions before the autumn really kicks in and returns everything to it’s base elements mixed with copious amounts of  water.
Today we pedalled, attempted to wheelie, mostly stayed upright, ate cake (or raw tea cakes) drank tea and struggled to keep up with Dan who “was having a good day”, we thought he’d left the oven on and was rushing to get back. Great workout though and the perfect excuse to have a sleep on the sofa in the afternoon, which I’m sure all the Freeride/Enduro heroes also do.
*lets not mention those shorts Ant 😉
Ride 147
26 miles
Total 2996
commute 794

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