Bache Brothers shop visit

I’d planned a long ride, taking in 3 breweries via as much off road as possible but as it turned out beer stopped me doing that route, for now. I had one over the eight the night before and wasn’t feeling my best as i left the house and i was undecided where to ride. I went through the Lickeys, across Waseley and then to Belbroughton using trails and tarmac. I was pedalling through Clent village when the idea to visit a bike shop came to me, I had two choices, ” wheels in Amblecote or Bache Brothers in Lye. I’d never been to Bache brothers and they have recently changed hands and I’d heard good things so that was it mind made up. I pushed the door of the shop open, wheeled my bike in and there in front of me was  Genesis Caribou, a fat bike. I’d been looking at these and was keen to see one in the flesh. They guy working there wondered over and mentioned they also had a Kona fatbike. “want to try it?” and then he wheeled it out for me and told me to have a blast on it, they didn’t know me from adam, just a sweaty beardy bloke who’s turned up in their shop and they let me loose with the Kona and then the Caribou without even watching where i was or got up to!
The shop is great, loads of nice stuff and if i decide to buy a fat bike and it’s the Genesis or the Kona they’ll definately be getting my money.
If you are in the Midlands and the Black country area pop in, it’ll be worth it
Ride 152
32 miles
Total 3095
commute 794

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