the Hair-dryer ride

After the first ride on the fatbike i quickly realised it needed some sort of mud protection as the large tires throw up a huge amount of debris. there are few, if any mudguards suitable. After consulting the guys at   they suggested trying a 29er mudhugger modified to fit using a hair-dryer to mould the plastic into the right shape. It took about half an hour until i was satisfied with the coverage and was easy to do, the only thing left to do was test it
The weather today was horrendous, torrential rain and windy, perfect to test a mudguard! The fat bike excels in the muddy conditions either ploughing through or floating on top of the mud, there were huge puddles, rivers of water and deep, deep mires of thick cloying mud but non of it was being thrown up my back. I was getting drenched though, wearing waterproof coat, shorts and socks but even so the water still finds its way inside of them. It was, i have to say, great fun, once you are wet you can’t really get any wetter so splashing through the water trying to find the muddiest trails was the order of the day. I only headed home when my socks got so full of water i could hear a sloshing noise everytime i turned a pedal.
The mudhugger was a complete success, the stripe of mud up the back of my shorts and jacket from thelast ride was missing
Ride 155
7 miles
Total 3144
commute 866

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