After the bone shaking experience of the forest of dean I needed a gentle ride back in familiar territory and thankfully the overnight rain had abated. The woods though were thick with mud and greasy roots, no problem for the fat bike. The only benefit of the heavy rain was that it had washed channels down the trails clearing the mud from a singletrack width section of them leaving harder packed soil and stone behind, if you picked your line carefully the rolling became much easier.
There’s a particularly tough route with big roots surrounded by deep mud all slightly uphill which is tough to conquer in the dry and is an area we use to test a bikes (and riders) prowess. Today even though conditions under tyre were as bad as they will probably get all winter I managed to clear it with out a foot down!
Buoyed by  this I then got a bit cocky and spent a while trying to capture a wheelie picture for this blog. Inevitably my enthusiasm overwhelmed my talent and a splt second after the above picture I was sat in the mud!

Unfortunately with Saturdays jarring and todays tumble I seem to have injured my lower back and am writing this suffering from a bout of sciatica. Hoping for a quick recovery, I’ve not ridden for 3 days and it’s killing me
 Ride 161
10 miles
Total 3236
commute 938

One thought on “Battered”

  1. Speedy recovery my friend. I have weight-lifting belts here that I use for support when I twang my back. Do you have anything like that or would you like to borrow?


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