The agony continues

I should have know yesterdays ride was too good to be true, I also should have listened to my body, I could barely swing my leg over the bike and this time it felt uncomfortable to pedal. Still, maybe my back would benefit from the exercise, the stretching and getting warm? No, it didn’t, If I thought the 1st 4 miles were agony they were nothing to how the last four felt after i rode across a root, the rear tyre kipped out and my body twisted automatically to compensate. This is a perfectly normal thing to happen when riding, it counter acts the slide to keep your balance but add in an already damaged back and it was not good. I had to stop, i couldn’t dismount by swinging my leg over the saddle in the normal way it was just too painful. I had to walk the bike whilst still straddling it until i got to firmer and more level ground. I managed to remount and carry on, every small bump or undulation just seemed to pound into my lower back. It was suggested that the ride be extended to a longer route and, This is not like me at all, i opted for the shorter more direct route home. I was going slower and slower and the final roll back to base came as an enormous relief. So, back to square one and I’m sad to say a longer period off the bike 😦
Ride 164
8 miles
Total 3262
commute 938

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