not exactly to plan

the annual NWAlps  christmas ride just happened to coincide with global fat bike day, or maybe it was planned, we planned it so long ago I can’t remember, lots of people showed an interest in joining the ride, I mean, who wouldn’t? Bikes, easy ride to a popular christmas market that sold German beer, wurst and stollen, not to mention waffles, schnitzel, frites etc and then an easy ride back or maybe resort to the train. As i said, planned for ages, with lots of “are you still up for it/don’t forget” reminders. Usually this doesn’t mean lots of people drop out 24 hours before but hey, I’m kind of getting used to it. I just assume they are as enthusiastic about cycling as I am. From now on I’ll plan for myself and have no expectations of others.
Those that did join in, Dan and Nick, met me at the Bittell canal bridge on a very frosty over cast morning for the first leg into the big city. I was worried my still healing back injury was going to be a problem, but up to then it was tolerable. We pedalled along to wast hill tunnel and the short sharp climb to the road. As i stood up and placed weight on the pedal the rear wheel locked completely. I dismounted expecting some debris to be stuck in the rear mech or chain but it seemed fine. Then I noticed that the tyre was jammed against the chainstay. the wheel had been pulled out of the drop out. I undid the quick release, repositioned the wheel and closed the QR again, nice and tight and remounted, pressed the pedal and..same result. Same result every time I put the wheel back, Hardly any pressure on the pedal forced out the rear wheel. The combined minds of the three of us couldn’t figure it out. the only thing for me was to limp home and swap bikes. The guys would carry on, I’d jump on a train and meet them at a station very near the canal to resume the ride.
I got home, swapped bikes, swapped lights on to it and set off for the station. I got half way there and got a flat tyre! The riding Gods certainly weren’t smiling on me to day and my back was beginning to grumble so I took the sensible but upsetting decision to pull out of the bike part of the day and just go into the city by train on foot.
I’m not going to describe the rest of the day as I didn’t use a bicycle but it was fun but not as fun as it could have been
 Ride 165
8 miles
Total 3270
commute 938

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