round and round in circles

It’s funny, actually it’s not, it’s agony but on the bike my back hardly hurts at all, just the odd twinge if i twist the wrong way. Off the bike I’m walking like an old man needing a hip replacement. So today I stuck to the road, riding a circuitous route so as not to be too far from home if things got too painful and \I needed to get back. It’s not the most stimulating thing to do but it also wasn’t stimulating my back muscles either so it was the sensible thing to do. Sensible is never fun is it? the rain wasn’t fun either, or the head wind. Thankfully the bonus of a circular route is that halfway around at some point you are going to have the wind behind you pushing you along, see I’m trying to make the best of it!
Ride 166
12 miles
Total 3282
commute 938

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