2015 ride one

 so another year of riding starts, last year was great despite niggling injuries. This year I’ll be moving places of work so commuting from March onwards will be difficult so I’m determined to ride more outside of work to make up for it.
Todays ride was warm, windy and muddy and the trails were busy with people making the most of the public holiday. Happily though all the trail users we met were in good spirits. We had a few people asking about the fat tyres on the bikes, some just pointing and laughing, another lady asked me how they felt to ride on, these fat bikes do draw a crowd but in a positive way.
Dan was feeling under the weather from a cold and a late night of partying, Ant had escaped from the excess of the holidays to come and play in the mud. as a reward we made plans to make his bike half fat in the future!
ride 1
13 miles
total 13 miles

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