Bitterly cold day today, It rained all morning yesterday and then the temperatures dropped over night so the roads were lethal, the trails were the safest place as the ground was frozen in places and muddy in others. Todays right was going to be dictated by how many times we fell off or how soon my feet got so cold it became painful.
As we reached the summit of the beacon it was all blue skies and sunshine and down in the valley the city was shrouded in fog, almost making it beautiful. a trip down Bono and The Bus stop took us back into the freezing fog and the hot tea at Waseley was very welcome. It must have been cold as the return route we chose had a lot of climbing and kept us warm. Back in the woods and it was a long very slippery descent back to the village, even the fat bikes were sliding all over the place in the thick mud. I got home and set about cleaning the bike but found that the mud on the frame and parts was actually frozen on and took quite some shifting. My feet by the way couldn’t have taken any more and i had to wait about 30 minutes in the warm to defrost before i could face standing in the shower.
ride 2
13 miles
total 26 miles

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